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The ideal length of YouTube videos?

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    The ideal length of YouTube videos?

    I am making videos that between 2 minutes and 2 and-a-half minutes and I think It's ideal length for a video marketing.

    What is the ideal length to keep your eyes continue viewing a video? please share your advice


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    Quote Originally Posted by winson View Post
    I am making videos that between 2 minutes and 2 and-a-half minutes and I think It's ideal length for a video marketing.

    What is the ideal length to keep your eyes continue viewing a video? please share your advice

    For me it depends what the video is about... If you are developing a sales video then around the 2 mins is a good.... If you are providing a step-by-step tutorial or demo then the video needs to be as long as it needs to be... In those cases I would aim to break it up into 10 min segments with offering part 1, 2, ... etc with setting it up as a play list...

    Its also a good idea to ask your friends to review your videos and get feedback... Quite often you wont be able to tell if it is too long, short, boring etc... Use that feedback in a positive way with making necessary changes...

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    I assume you're talking about tutorial videos. In that case, I would say 3 minutes is a sweet spot. All my videos that are 3 minutes or less, have the most watch time and activity. People have A.D.D (Attention Deficit Disorder) so cut all the fat and just give them the meat, it's that simple.

    However, sometimes you do need to offer longer videos, just like Elcidofaguy has already mentioned above. The most important thing is to offer the viewer massive amount of value. Simply give them the solution that they came for without rambling and you'll get their full attention.

    The problem occurs when you start going off-topic or start rambling and talking about unnecessary things that are not related to the video. The key is to stay on-topic, shoot straight to the point and offer value without boring the hell out of the viewer.

    People often make the mistake of thinking that the more content they give to the viewer, the more they'll watch. Unfortunately that's not true, you just need to give them enough so that they can browse your channel for more or visit your website.

    When you make them want more from you, then you'll get higher conversions for whatever you're promoting.

    K.I.S.S>> Keep it Simple and Stylish

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    No matter how long your video is, you have to grab their attention in the first few seconds, and keep them interested throughout the video.

    Often times, I will do a search for what I'm looking for, and open 4-6 videos in separate tabs. It it does not appear to be well done, good content, and authoritative in the first few seconds, I close that tab and move on to the next one, even if it's only 1 minute long.

    I cant stand the videos that start with showing a powerpoint slide of what they are going to talk about, or someone talking in a low monotone voice. Get right to the "meat and potatoes" and keep me interested! You may have the best info in the world, but if it's a bear to watch, I'm moving on! If you can keep it informative and interesting, I'll watch a 10+ minute video every time.

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