How to start a blog fast for profit?


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Apr 28, 2016
Hi Guys,

I am working on a blog now, and I will need to add features to it.

My ideas are

1. Find some themes for my blog which suits my niche
2. Buy theme and plugins if needed.
3. Install WordPress and theme, start blogging
4. Configure and add new content, should I buy new content from writers?

Are these steps good for making money with blog? am I missing out some things to make my blog grow fast and earn stable income monthly?

any blog building tips are welcome.

thanks in advance.


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Sep 26, 2014
You need to take into consideration the keywords you target. So FIRST you should learn how to do a PROPER keyword analysis. Google keyword planner is only good for monthly searches and knowing CPC. The rest of the data only benefits advertisers.

Look for keywords with higher CPC and monthly searches.

Learn on-site SEO. Heres a good start: [URLnofo][/URLnofo]

Be careful not to over-optimize your pages. Break up the keyword phrases with other words and replace overused keywords with LSI.

With knowledge of how keywords make money you can make bank with adsense. CPC is everything. You can have a blog in the right niche with 5k monthly visitors and be making big bucks pending on the CPC of the niche you are in. I tell everyone, home repair is great for adsense, but do your research on the higher CPC. $8+ per click. Some clicks are up in the $30-$40 range and I find it to be an easy topic to write if you dont have experience. There are higher paying niches, but a lot of em' are technical. For instance medical or lawyers. But you can find some gems in the home and garden area. Air conditioning is killing it for instance.

With the above knowledge, then add consistency. Frequency of publish. The more content you publish, the more pages that will be on the web driving traffic, and the more income you make. Keep your posting on a schedule. I've published as many articles as 200 in a month on one site. Took a business from zero to hero in 3 months just promoting content on the web and social media.

Also in the beginning, go ahead and syndicate your blog with as many web properties IFTTT will let you. (Just look it up dude)

Then list your web properties in Google+ and verify the website as a business.

Trust me, you'll be thanking me later. If you follow my instructions, when you start ranking you better F---ing THANK ME!!!!

Just kiddin :)


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Nov 15, 2015
I would recommend you concentrate on getting the fundamentals of your blog together. Make sure you have an about me page, contact page and a search. Also, make sure you have social media share buttons so that people can share your blog posts. Then focus on writing content for your blog. Have at least 10 blog posts before you start promoting.

After that, start promoting your blog. You can join blogging communities because people will share your content. Share your blog on your social media accounts. You may also want to write at other writing platforms just to get the word out about your blog. Because at many writing platforms they allow you to put your blog url in your profile. If people like your articles they will more than likely check out your blog.

Continue to build up the content in your blog by writing quality blog posts. Try to at least write a blog post once or twice a week whichever is better for you.
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