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Is there such a thing as non-transferable domain?

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    Is there such a thing as non-transferable domain?

    I recently signed up with the local hosting company that my friend recommended. I didn't want to bother with buying a domain from another domain registrar so I also registered a domain with them. I recently did a whois look up and found that it has privacy protection and that the domain registrar was Namecheap. I also did a whois look up on my friend's site. Her domain registrar was GoDaddy but she didn't have privacy protection. Another caption caught my attention on the whois result for both domains:

    Domain Status:clientTransferProhibited

    Does this mean that we can't transfer the domain to another hosting company in the future? Does this also mean that we can't sell the domain?

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    Domain Status:clientTransferProhibited

    Means it is registrar locked. You have to login to the registrar account and unlock it. It's a protection feature that helps to prevent domain theft.

    If only your host has access to the registrar account, you are at their mercy. They may let you transfer it or they may not. If only they have registrar access, they own the domain and not you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chatterbox View Post
    Domain Status:clientTransferProhibited

    Does this mean that we can't transfer the domain to another hosting company in the future? Does this also mean that we can't sell the domain?
    By default, after purchasing a domain, it's locked for security. So that you need to unlock it first to transfer to another registrar or to another guy. You can sell it normally without any problem
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