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Patreon campaign to support your website?

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    Patreon campaign to support your website?

    For those who don't know, Patreon is a website that allows content creators to set up campaigns for their followers to support them through a monthly fee, in exchange for perks like special content, early access to new releases and so on.
    Patreon was mostly addressed to artists at first (since its mechanism blends well with typical practises like commissions), but it later expanded as far as including even youtubers. Why can't webmasters use it too, then?

    Do you think that readers would be likely to support a Patreon campaign in favour of a website they follow?

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    yes, They will definitely favor you if your are delivering great content and insights that are helpful to the readers. However these type of fund raisers works great with NON profit organizations or information sites. I hope So.
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    I have a Patreon account, and it has been a great source of traffic and income for me. Their format is very user-friendly, and they help you to promote yourself within their community and beyond. You can start off with a few "patrons" and then branch out, and I would recommend it because it does showcase our products and services very well. I used it, for a while, to sell my drawings, and I was quite pleased with it.

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    Patreons are the best choice to ask your followers to support you, other methods are just too direct and people usually don't like them. If you give out something, even if you don't invest any money in what you are giving away, people still appreciate it, because they don't feel like they are just throwing their money away. Of course if you have a dedicated following, they'd support you for nothing in return, however not everyone is like that.

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