Check Out Our WHMCS Forms Package, Email Templates & More!

Oct 26, 2014
Looking to spice up your WHMCS with more then just an Integration? Try our new WHMCS Forms Package where we provide you with new, fully responsive forms for your Login, Lost Password, Submit Ticket and Contact Forms!

To view samples and order check out

OR you can get the WHMCS Forms Package included with our WHMCS Gold Integration at

For all of our other WHMCS Services including the following, use code 10PERCENT to save!


We will create a new, branded login and lost password page for your WHMCS.

You can provide us with a login sample page that you like or we will make one for you! The colors will be based on your site colors OR you can provide us with the colors or background image you would like used! Check out our examples below or visit our Facebook page for more samples!

The login page will be 100% compatible with Social Media login.

WHMCS - Full Site Conversion

A WHMCS Full Site Conversion will take your HTML website and convert all the pages to use WHMCS Smarty templates.

This will allow you to include elements of WHMCS, such as the WHMCS navigation menu, on all pages of your Website. We will also match the WHMCS client area pages to your site design giving your clients a seemless transition between your website pages and the client area and shopping cart.

Note: We may be able to convert some PHP websites over to WHMCS as well. If you wish to convert a WordPress based theme you may need to first order our WordPress to HTML Service. Please contact us.


We will integrate your website design into your WHMCS Admin area!

This includes matching colors and fonts as well as the Admin Login page.

WHMCS Email Template

We will create a new header/footer for your WHMCS Client Emails.

This includes branding, the option to add a header image/banner. Color matching, Social Media links, footer links or link to support

Custom WHMCS Orderform

We will create a custom orderform template for use with your WHMCS.

To assist in the process you can provide pricing tables that you would like used or give us a sample of another orderform that you like. OR we can create something for you based on your website design.

The orderform will be responsive, the exeption to this is if you are using a non-responsive whmcs theme.

(Please note that at this time we do not provide one-page/single-page checkout orderforms.)
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