8 Ways to Find a Suitable Affiliate Program


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Jun 6, 2012
You probably might have given a thought to joining an affiliate program for arriving on this page, or you are plain lucky to have accidentally landed on it. Either way, the content of this page might as well mark the turning point of your financial life because, there are literally thousands of online publishers who have successfully turned affiliate programs as an important revenue stream. So read on!

What you do to earn money when you join an affiliate program is simply recommend a good product or service provided by a particular company by linking your site’s visitor to the product using a graphic or text link, or both; if your visitor makes a purchase of that product or service, you are paid a commission. It’s as simple as that.

But where and how do you find a reliable, trustworthy and profitable affiliate program?

The following tips are a good start off:

1. Look for affiliate programs that offer cookies which last not less than 2 or 3 months. Even if a customer takes time to finally make his mind to buy a product, your commission is ensured.

2. Dont just look for programs that pay; look for those that offer value. Even if the commission is 70%, as long as the product is a $5 item, you need to make too much of a sale in order to make a gainful income. Now, wouldnt 5% of a $500 item be so much better?

3. Then look for programs that offer a variety of affiliate linking methods including text links, banner ads and deep links where publishers can link to actual product pages, increasing your chance of making a sale.

4. Chose affiliate programs that provides easy-to-set up links. You dont have to waste valuable time just setting up links, there are other things to do.

5. Avoid affiliate programs that only provide banner links. Banner ads alone do not generate much click-through. You could have been exploited to post advertisements for free!

6. And here’s a tip to find to find the bests: look for well respected brands that provide good customer service and a vast range of products. Make a list of good brands and see if they have an affiliate link, usually on the bottom of the page. If they do, click on the link and follow the instructions given by them to join their programs.

7. Allow yourself the time to find out the best affiliate program for your self. Pick out the most suitable merchants that fits with your niches or your website’s content, then find out who runs their affiliate programs and sign up with them.

8. Sign up with the smallest number of affiliate hosting companies to simplify implementation and tracking.
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