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Jun 6, 2012
In this modern age, the Internet isnt just a great source of information but also an effective answering machine. People often have some questions that they hope to get answers right away. The Internet is serving them well on this. Examples of questions like which year Obama was born, what is the capital of Canada, who invented car and many more. A lot of people actually ask these types of questions on the Internet every day. They just enter their questions into Google or other search engine and the search engine will return immediate answers for most of their questions.

In fact there are websites created just for this purpose which is to answer the questions of Internet users. Sites like Weegy and Cha Cha have been around for quite a long time helping the Internet users to get answers to their questions. There could be thousands or even ten thousands of questions asked daily and these sites were managed to answer most of them quickly because they have a lot of people serving the Internet users. These people who answer questions are like you and me. They are ordinary people. They turn on their computer daily and wait for the questions to come and answer them. Weegy and Cha Cha will pay them for doing this online job. And the good news is you can be part of them as well.

You dont have to be an expert on any field to do this type of job. You can answer questions with the help of Google or other search engines. Anytime when a question is assigned to you, you can use the search engine to find the answer instantly. The key to making money with this job is answer the most questions possible. The more questions you answer, the more you’ll earn. That’s why it is important to answer questions accurately in face pace.

How to begin with Weegy and Cha Cha

WeegyWeegy Make Money by Answering Questions Online
You can start by visiting and filling out a sign up form. Once you have completed the registration process, you can start answering questions and get paid. Weegy pays $0.20 per answer or conversation. You get more if you are promoted to Weegy Pro or Weegy Research Expert. Payment will be sent to you via PayPal when your accumulated earning is $20 or higher.

It seems that Weegy is opened to anyone worldwide since the site hasnt mentioned that this opportunity is limited to US only. In fact someone from Philippines has reported that he has got paid working in Weegy.

Cha Chachacha1 Make Money by Answering Questions Online
I have heard about Cha Cha four year ago. At that time, Cha Cha is paying well. But because more and more people joined Cha Cha and took the job, the pay has dropped from time to time. Cha Cha is now offering $0.02 to $0.20 per answer. They also have ongoing contests to help the members earn more.

Cha Cha only hires within United State. You need to be at least 18 year old to apply for the job. Before you get accepted, you need to go through some videos and pass a test. The test is actually a series of sample questions of users that you must answer them. The purpose is to find out your accuracy and speed of answering questions. If you pass, they will inform you through email.

Here’s the link to join Cha Cha:

Cha Cha obviously cant provide a full time income source but if you need to earn some extra cash every month, Cha Cha can be a good choice to you.
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