9 Techniques to make Affiliate Marketing Successfully


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Jun 6, 2012
There is a basic ground rules comes to almost any, and I’m sure you’ve heard it used over and over again and that the 80/20 rule. Now let’s look at how this applies to affiliate marketing.

The rule states that 20% of affiliates produce 80% of all income while 80% of all affiliates generate 20% of the income

Now, I know that this is to be a stupid question but obviously you would want to be one of the 20% who is earning 80% of the money right

Well if you follow the basic steps, you will find yourself sharing the profits them most fortunate affiliates get.

1. The best affiliate marketers all cover their website links. This is what’s called cloaking affiliate links and I know it may not seem necessary but it actually is. Apparently, visitors will not tend to click on your link when they see that it’s leading to an affiliate program on your site once they point their mouse over the link. The usual tendency, is for them to go directly to the affiliate domain that’s ignoring your affiliate link and essentially taking the money right out of your pocket. The way around this is to cloak for cover your affiliate links. There are a number of tools that are available for this you can look up cloaking links to cloaking tools on Google and get some great pointers the simplest one is to use a shortening tool like TinyURL.com or BudURL.com to protect yourself.

2. Successful affiliate marketers create and distribute their articles. In order to expand in affiliates and reputation in a specific niche, they use articles to promote specific affiliate products or drive traffic back to their own site so that way they can get off themes and subscribe. You can get the greatest benefit not just from writing these articles yourself but also from getting these articles published and reprinted by other site owners and easy publishers. Your articles will then give you both reputation and links from other websites because of the resource box attached to the end of each article.

3. Affiliate marketers focus on a market niche. Loading your website with content that is focused on a specific product or service niche is one way of getting more web traffic in your target market. there are a lot of is all over the Internet that can help you determine what niche is best for your website.

4. Top affiliate marketers use autoresponders. an autoresponder is an important tool that makes you capable of sending a time series of e-mail messages to those people that sign up for them. Most of the time, these autoresponders are sent through a third-party provider. Look specifically for a provider that will cater to your needs both in volume and functionality. While I’m not going to recommend a specific one here, make sure that your autoresponder company does not allow to just import any kind of list you want or else your spam complaints will eventually cause your e-mails to not be delivered.

5. Smart affiliate marketers build webpages in order to pre-sell. The smart marketers either create testimonial pages or review pages that talk about and pre-sell the product or service you are going to be an affiliate for. This is the best method of getting increased orders for your chosen affiliate program. Many programs even include articles or recommended text that sell their products for you and permit you to duplicate those articles that your links embedded in them.

6. An outstanding affiliate marketer collects e-mail addresses. The best affiliates gather e-mail addresses on their website by presenting free reports through autoaresponders, giving out e-books, and newsletter sign-up forms. This method is best used in building your own lists of e-mail addresses to contact. This also lets you contact potential customers that clicked away once they got into the affiliate program website and didnt purchase.

7. Top affiliate marketers market everywhere. You can advertise using pay per click or e-zine advertising depending upon your market niche. Some categories of pay per click can be expensive, but advertising somewhere is needed to get additional traffic to your site. There are some good bargains in e-zine advertising and some less popular pay per click engines other than Yahoo or Google that you can check out.

8. Affiliate marketers optimize for the search engines. Search engine optimization is now getting more complex as new and more aggressive algorithms are being used by Google and Yahoo to list sites. It is very important for you to at least understand the basics of search engine optimization when promoting affiliate programs. The most critical of the many SEO techniques is to use title tags that show individual page content. Many webmasters write a master page title tag and apply that site wide, this is the worst thing that you can do for your search engine ranking. An alternative would be to use something like WordPress to create your site because of the very powerful built in SEO capabilities, I’ll get into that more in a separate post.

9. Affiliate marketers have their own mailing lists. The best of affiliate marketers all have their own newsletter or e-zine and gather e-mail addresses on their site to build their list of subscribers. Having a list allows you regular contact with potential customers interested in not only your site and your product but other affiliate products that are available in your niche.

If you understand and make use of the above-mentioned techniques you can be one of the top people that are making it big in affiliate market. Now take action and start promoting an affiliate program doesnt have to be the best for the top one, just do something get out there and promote .it.
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