7 Reasons to start with Content Marketing


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Jun 6, 2012
7 Reasons to start with Content Marketing

1. The market will reward you

By producing quality articles, blogs or videos you become known as a resource, not as a seller. By sharing knowledge you generate value for another. Your value is connected with your knowledge and your willingness to help others. The more valuable you become, the more the market will reward you.

How valuable are you to your target audience?

2. Regular attention

Once you have approval to share your information you'll be able to regularly come to the attention. An e-zine or newsletter you regulated sent is ideal for this. It has a positive effect on your fame; You put yourself and your business on the map.

How often are you under the attention of your potential customers?

3. Increase trust

Trust is the most important building block of (business) relationships. By regular image with quality content that solves the problems of your target audience, there will be more and more confidence in your knowledge and expertise. The threshold to take someone you trust, a service is much lower compared to people that you know well and trust.

How you build trust with your target audience?

4. Strengthens credibility and authority

By sharing your knowledge on the Internet, you may feel that you give away what your customers pay for it. Yet it works. Stronger by regularly to share knowledge on popular blogs within your target market, people will find you faster, believe and as an authority. You to an expert who they will choose to do business with.

How can you ensure that you or your company is seen as an expert?

5. Increased visibility on the social web

News and information shared through social networks on the assembly line. Therefore make it easy to share your articles, videos or podcasts through networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn It makes you and your company's visibility on the social web. It also provides additional traffic to your website.

How you increase your online visibility?

6. Score higher in search engines

This is one of my favorite reasons. Google is a big fan of high-quality content that can be easily shared. Google releases daily changes to their search algorithm to make sure that valuable content is better. Google rewards you with a higher position in the search engine results when you are active with content marketing to work! How beautiful is that?

7. Promotes dialogue

Do you recognize this? Companies are on Twitter and Facebook but actually not much to tell. It often lacks a substantive story. How do you have the dialogue with your target group? You had probably already understood qualitatively produce high quality content. So you can tell your story, ask questions and in a transparent way, can show what is going on in your company.

How do you stimulate the dialogue?

How this translates to your business?

Content is the engine of the Internet. Remember: people are looking for information for a problem to solve and not looking to your sales pitch ... In fact, people do not sell them something, but they keep buying. Confidence, credibility and authority you build with content marketing is an authentic way to create buyers of your product or service

Companies and entrepreneurs who successfully apply content marketing mainly produce valuable information without a double (sales) agenda. It is the art and to combine this with a promotion of its own product or service. Finally, the chimney should smoking. What you see regularly is that under a small reference to a relevant product or service presents a blog article. Neat and not too intrusive.

If last a few more tips:

- Do not be frightened of the 'expensive' content marketing. With a blog can go a long way
- Write and produce information that is close to your heart and business
- Do not forget offline write for a magazine that reads your target

What is your experience with content marketing?

It is not always easy to share your knowledge and to see a piece of yourself. These are mostly internal barriers that must be overcome. I'm very curious about your experiences in the field of content marketing. Don't hesitate to share them below! :victory:


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Dec 19, 2012
Content marketing is one of the most important one in internet marketing, content marketing provides huge benefit to all the owners.


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Mar 19, 2013
Content Marketing means creating and sharing valuable free content to attract and convert prospects into customers, and customers into repeat buyers.Build your audience that can build your business


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Nov 24, 2012
Guest Posting, Blog Commenting, Press Release are the popular and effective content marketing strategies to start on.

However, if your Website has a blog itself, best to create the content for your own blog, rather than to post on other sites. It can help in building Website reputation and can convert your blog visitors into your customers.
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