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Jun 6, 2012
In HTML, in addition to the stored container, such as html, header, body and stored to provide information such as meta tags and many other tags, for tags for the format of the content (for users), the Heading tags (H1 to H6) are considered the most powerful tags.

Join the SEO forum and discussions with many people doing SEO, I noticed that some people misunderstand the use of HTML tags in an HTML document (HTML documents or understood literally as a web page). A typical use of too many H1 tags or cram too many keywords on this page. Expansion problem, that comes to many other tags such as div, p, b, strong, i, u, … I see that some people use is not really true.
Please understand that every HTML tag carries a meaning of its own, no need to think deeply that start spontaneously, especially when you learn about HTML’m also aware of this and the purpose of the tags this. The example below I would like to give some sense of the HTML tags.

Defines the common HTML tags when doing Seo

DIV: stands from Division (the division), the tag is used as a container, containing the contents inside it. Usually applied to the component layout in site.

H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6: Header tag used for creating the title content.

P: stands from Paragraph (text), so you also have to understand the meaning of this tag, that tag is used to store text.

B, STRONG: two tags used to emphasize a piece of content, the text in the tagwill be highlighted (like the Bold function in MS Word text editor).

EM, I: EM stands words Emphasize, I stands for Italic text. Two tags are used for applications for italic text.

U: stands from the Underline, used to underline text.

By doing so, you also see that the function of these tags for an HTML document. It also means that each tag will also carry a meaning for the search engines.

An example of the fact that I do not comes to SEO hurry, as you post content to the web with a certain topic, it is essential that the title will usually contain keywords related to the main theme. These additional points for your thesis will be highlighted by bold or italic.

Methods that search engines evaluate content and based on the analysis of the HTML tags. Therefore, the content is located in the meaning of the tags highlighted as the header tag, tag b, strong, i, em, u will be the tag contains important documents in the site.

Also from that when people who do SEO services to capture this, along with the technical development of the CSS application. Those who do SEO on tag applications to be deployed on the important content. However, there are also many people do SEO deliberately through Google and other search engines by as:

Hidden content: the inclusion of important keywords in the tags as the header and B, Strong, … but invisible or color to match the background color so that the user can not see but bot still see through the crawl website content through the HTML tags.

Edit format: is the use of powerful tags such as Header, B, Strong, … but use CSS to make this tag the same size as normal text.

Here, SEO is optimizing your content for search engines. That the supplier search engine, of course, will be directed to the user, they always want to give the user the best and most appropriate information corresponding to a particular search needs. Therefore, tips hidden content currently being service providers prohibit search, especially Google.

Also, I used to read a document about Google’s algorithms related to this issue. Documents said, even if you use emphasis tags like H1, H2, … H6, B, STRONG, i, EM, U you use CSS to make the content of the tag is the same as normal text it will become meaningless. Because today Googlebot is smart enough to parse the HTML tags in conjunction with CSS to recognize the difference between the content in the site. That document also said that, even if you are using the most ordinary tag but do CSS for colors and enhanced format will cause the contents of which are appreciated.

Therefore, you have made good use HTML tags for layout and content appropriate division is a pretty important issue. Perhaps there are many who believe that these are the basics and do not care about it much, but I think this is a completely wrong thinking. The use HTML tags almost follow you through the process from start to build and shape the website until you write your content and update your website content regularly.

So the final issue that I want to say? Please understand that the application of different tags to make distinctions about the meaning of the elements in the content of a web page. There are many HTML tags, the need to get all the tags are not necessary. But you need to understand all the tags that you use frequently.

I would like to emphasize the distinction, this is just for the distinction, the distinction between a word or a phrase or passage to other components. Of course the SE bot, too, because as I said the bot will always lead to the user (it may not be complete and it’s always improvements to look forward to). And I also make it clear that the distinction is always just the relatively compared with other components in a web page (not the website). That means that in your website using H1 tags, not make you stronger only site H6 that the distribution of content or keywords for the tags properly.

Hopefully, through this article, you will understand and not too time consuming for finding answers to questions such as:

Should use H1 tags? Using multiple H1 tags can be fined?

Why my site has to apply SEO tips, put the title in the H1 … and still have lower ranking pages not do much SEO.

That’s because you have made an error or it does not understand the nature along with the meaning of the HTML tags for the search engines and reasonable application.

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