How does Autoresponder work?


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Nov 14, 2013
Do you know about Autoresponder, how does Autoresponder work? and how to create it for my site?



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Mar 26, 2015
In order to use autoresponders you need to capture peoples emails with your squeeze page.
Now let's say that you have a small list of subscribers of 1,000 people and you want to send 1,000 emails, autoresponders are awesome because they allow you to email all of them by just writing 1 email, selecting the list that you want to send your email to and clicking send (you can also schedule your emails of sent them in a sequence).

There are two kinds of emails you can send with autoresponders:
1. Broadcast: this option will allow you to send an email to your entire list the moment you write it or schedule it.
With broadcasts you have the ability to target countries, i.e. you want to promote a contest that is only available to the US, thanks to this feature you can target only the US and send your email without worrying people outside the territory getting you promotion, after all they wouldn't be able to enter the contest anyway.

2. Autoresponder: this one is time based or action based, you can program your autoresponder to send an email as soon as someone opts-in your mailing list or program it to send a sequence of let's say 10 emails in 10 different days.
So.. in day 1 they get the first email, day 2 the second, day 3 the third and so on and on.
It looks like this:
FireShot Screen Capture #084 - 'Email Marketing, Autoresponder, Email Marketing Software - GetRe.jpg

If you want to try an autoresponder I highly recommend GetResponse, they give you a 30 day free trial, you don't need a credit card and you can use the full features they have.
They also have the GetResponse Academy where they teach you how to get your fist 1,000 subscribers in 30, 90 days, it's free as well, you can try it.

I hope this information helps you understand a little bit better how autoresponders work and what you can do with them.

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Feb 7, 2015
How Autoresponders Work and How to Use Autoresponders in Your Website


... how does Autoresponder work?
:) When you sign up for an account with an autoresponder provider like AWeber or others — You're provided with a management panel that you can use to do the following things:

• You can quickly and easily create a mailing list for each of your campaigns, i.e. If you want to build a mailing list of subscribers for your big dog training website by giving away a Primary Obedience Training Manual for Big Dogs, then you can create a mailing list and label this as Big Dog Obedience Training Subscriber List. If you want to build a subscriber list for your small dog training website by giving away a Primary Obedience Training Manual for Small Dogs, then you can create another mailing list and label this as Small Dog Obedience Training Subscriber List. And so on (I'm sure you got my point) .. ;)

• You can conveniently create an opt-in form for each of your campaigns — You can integrate the automatically generated code of each opt-in form into a page, into a widget, or into a section in the sidebar of your site. You can also choose to create a squeeze page for each of your campaigns. These squeeze pages can be hosted in the server of the autoresponder provider ... :)

• You can quickly and easily create broadcast emails, follow-up email series and email templates for the subscribers of each mailing list campaign. This management panel also provides other options that you can customize for each follow-up email series, broadcast email and email template for your campaigns ... ;)

• For each of your campaigns, you can conveniently track how many subscribers opened your emails, clicked specific links in your emails and other email campaign report / tracking details through this management panel ... :D

;) NOTE: Good autoresponder providers offer high successful mail-out rates and integrated compliance features with standard anti-spam regulations ...

.. and how to create it for my site?
;) Most autoresponder providers like AWeber offer video tutorials and written guides for using certain features for your campaigns — For example, [URLnf=""]THIS PAGE[/URLnf] outlines how you can integrate AWeber into a WordPress site ...

That's it for now. Feel free to let us know if you have other questions. Cheers! :)
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