Google boosts mobile friendly web pages in the recent roll out: April 21 2015

Dec 23, 2013
In today's fastest growing world you will start day with smart phone, to see your time line updates, to search your favorite product, to search good institute, company or job etc., Smart phone is a powerful weapon to common man to get instant results, immediately. Now a days 3G and 4G services are giving faster results with less battery consumption. Google play, apple store etc., mobile apps are increasing day by day.

People or internet searchers are showing more interest to search in their smart phone rather than desk because of responsive websites made it easy, comfortable, text can be easily readable without zooming. Keeping this in their high priority Google rolled out an updated on April 21st 2015.

In this update the following are the important points:

- This mobile friendly update doesn't rank your entire website, it will effect on your web pages only. So you can optimize home page as a high priority because it will be your landing page. If you are running a product based website/eCommerce website then you have to optimize product view, specification, user reviews. So here web page view should be responsive, mobile friendly and without taping or zooming.

- It effects on mobile devices only such as smart phones, tablets, iphods, iphones etc., So if you are Web user interface developer or an search engine optimization expert then you should have a good awareness, knowledge and up to date news about latest smart phones, tablets etc., You can see the different mobile device view in Google Chrome's inspect element (view source).

Here i would to remind you old saying "Old is Gold", whatever update it could be in search market "Content" and "Search Query" are always on top priority. If you have high quality content and unique search query then you will never discourage.


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Mar 15, 2015
- It effects on mobile devices only such as smart phones, tablets, iphods, iphones etc.,
No it doesn't. It ONLY effects searches on smartphones. Nothing is changing for searches performed on tablets.
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