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LAG.ONE | Gaming Community Showcase

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    LAG.ONE | Gaming Community Showcase

    Greetings there,
    Recently, a new project of mine opened, called Lag.one. It simply is about gaming, with many features such as a Guide system (where users can write guides to give tips and tricks about a certain character, for example), Team recruitments and much more. Before giving me a sarcastic look, please do understand that Gaming isn't only about fun and raging; we're promoting the best sides of it.


    Criticisms and reviews are very welcome though.
    Thanks !

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    It is loading without CSS for me.

    Name:  lag one.jpg
Views: 25
Size:  37.7 KB

    EDIT - A refresh fixed it
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    France, meh.
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    Greetings @HostLittle,
    I just checked it myself on 3 different browsers, asked some friends of mine and even ran web analysises, and they all came up/showed up with a working CSS.

    Try clearing your cache, if not updating your browser.
    Thank you for your feedback !

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    Honestly, I don't know why, but before I clicked on your website, knowing that it is a gaming site, I was expecting, dark theme and catchy game covers but when I load your site, I was like a vampire, slept for thousands of years and just now is my first glimpse of light haha. It's too bright and blocks the image on background. My suggestion is that, make a separate dedicated pages for each of your games. Showcase videos and images of the game then on the side is the top discussion of it's players.

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