How do you convince your visitors that you're trustworthy?


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Jun 6, 2012
People buy from you. Not your websites.

"You do not see them, but real people use your site. And they know why they come to your website, they have a need. To bridge that distance, is the challenge.

People only come when they trust you.
People usually do not know who you are. That is crucial, because how do they know your products and services, and yourself can be trusted?

Win their trust you not to tell them that you are good at what you do and that your products and services are of super quality. Those marketing promises are too often not met. There no more kicks.

What should you do and say to get confidence?
If you want to put a strategy in your content, please let this:

- Everything you do and say, symbolizes who you are. So make sure you are consistent in what you do and say. On your website, social media, leaflets and brochures on network events.

- Let your visitors feel that you understand their problem. That online be a different story with that screen between you. To understand their problem, you have to know their problem. Talk and listen, do testing. Make visitors aware of their problem and what they thus lose or miss out.

- Answer on the story that your visitor has already in his head. Your website visitor sits in front of his computer with a need to be filled. He has his own story. Give answer to those thought bubbles above the head of your visitors. The main thought bubbles on arrival on your website are: who am I? Where what I'm looking for? Why should I choose you?

- Make it clear how you solve their problem. Concrete and transparent. Do not come with features and technical details. No, make it clear what the benefit is to them in time savings, earn money or perform better. If people can win, you have their attention.

Goal: help your visitors what they want to do. Your visitors know what they are looking for and they come to your website. If you do not help, you'll lose them.

PS. If you're really good and super quality supplies, let others tell you. Your reputation is what people say about you when you leave the room.


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Nov 24, 2012
Nice ideas Jerry :)

I really appreciate your contribution towards this forum, Your post always have a detailed info on the title of the post.

This would definitely help Webmasters/SEOer/Business Owners to converts their visits into leads.
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