10 marketing tips for small and medium-sized enterprises


Mar 7, 2015
It can be said that marketing a small business is the combination of traditional advertising and social media like Internet, Facebook, Twitter, Google+..etc....

While it is true that one can only boost sales in the long term the combination of both types of advertising will allow companies not only build trust and enhance relationships with our customers, but also help us stay always present in the minds of our consumers. That's why I would like to share with you ten tips related to marketing, which I think may be helpful.

1. Rotate media
Turn our advertising, not focus on a single medium. If investment allows you to use mass media such as television and radio, do not focus on a single space varies from time to time schedule your ads.

2. Use direct mail
Using direct mail is still very viable and produces results with the right message and the target market.

3. Uses a newsletter
Within your web site gives your customers to subscribe to the opt in page. Undoubtedly the newsletter is a tool that will help reinforce the message you want to send to your customers.

4. Email Marketing
Remember to use the custom e-mail, do not send mass mailings of information. You will see that you will get better results if you send individual emails. Always keep your current list. Remember to get feedback from each campaign you use. Beware: there are already some companies that provide us with this area. We'll talk in front of them in later articles.

5. Impeccable customer service
No room for mediocre here. This starts with answering the phone. When a customer has a problem to be solved have to resolve it as quickly as possible. It is important to focus on the customer, must achieve change a customer who came with a complaint on a client to be satisfied. No other day to solve problems today!

6. Charity work
Not necessarily must make monetary donations, but we can give our time to help organizations. Keep in mind that the focus is not in your company, but as an organization to realize the difference by helping others.

7. Participate in your community
It is part of your community participates actively as you can, friends, family, etc. ... By helping others and use your human side you will see how they change company.

8. Blog
It is an excellent means to know our clients and their thoughts, Also we can reduce the distance between the company-customer. Take time to read the comments left by your customers, answer your questions, complaints or comments. It's a simple, yet very powerful time, take it.

9. Turn your enterprise 2.0
Create Twitter, Facebook, Google+ using social bookmarking sites. Take some time, participate and learn. Take advantage of the new opportunities offered by new technologies like.

10. Use your imagination
You more than anyone knows the market, business and customers you have as a company, you know what their needs are, etc.... Dare to innovate not be one of the bunch, is different. Ask your colleagues to help you create a new way to attract more customers, and you'll get great results.

I know many of these tips could be considered basic and they are. However, many times we forget. That's why every minute to leave your home or office think of new and better marketing strategies for your SME (small and medium-sized enterprises).

I hope and these tips are useful to you. Don't forget add extra your tips below, all your comments are appreciated!


Well-known member
Jan 13, 2015
Hi Haleakua! Nice Tips... Just to add I would also include video marketing and social media marketing on as many platforms and as regular as possible in order to maximize my reach...
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