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5K Fans in 48 Hours - Free Master Class

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    Cool 5K Fans in 48 Hours - Free Master Class

    Grab this FREE Master Class to receive
    5000 Fans in 48 Hours
    Even if no one knows your name...yet

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    If you have ever tried to get fans on a Facebook page before then you know how hair pulling, eye bulging, migraine inducing it can be.

    The people at Facebook make it sound so simple in their little cutesy instructions... Create a page, Invite your friends and make profits


    In reality, you invite every Facebook friend you have, load your page with great content, add a few links where people can make purchases and you get a big fat zilch!

    Am I right?

    Facebook hits you up to buy stupidly expensive ads before they even let the handful of fans you have even see your content.

    The truth is Facebook won't send your content out to your fans till you have a huge audience, tons of likes and comments but you can't get likes and comments till you have a huge fan base. It is a no win situation and Facebook is holding all the cards.

    But I added 15k Fans to a Page for only a penny a piece and I'm going to show you how to do it too.

    5k Fans In 48 Hours

    There are 3 videos that walk you step by step thru the process in a live case study

    • Video #1 - How to create the perfect pic and text to suck in fans like a hoover without sending out an FB invite to anyone

    • Video #2 - 24 hours after completing task from video 1 we will perform 2 simple twists to cut out the low lying fruit fans and target your perfect audience

    • Video #3 - Now that you are loaded with fans you will discover 5 different techniques to market your products to them.

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    Hey Delilah, I like this, is it a training course to get more fans for Facebook page? and does it have a tool to increase fans?

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    I will subscribe to your master class soon.

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    Hi Bill,
    Yes it is a training course. The only tool is FB and how to use it the right way

    Great Mark

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    I don't see price for this on your website. Is it a free course?

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