Top 9 Landing Page Optimization Mistakes that You Should Avoid


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Jan 28, 2015
The first thing most people think of when they want to increase their online sales is to increase your website traffic. So focus on getting more links, more advertising, send more emails and newsletters, more members, and the use of other ways that can help increase the number of visitors. But is it always the right approach? Of course not Before you spend all their resources trying to buy an expensive traffic, you must first ask: "Are my landing pages optimized?"

Optimization landing page is probably one of the most important aspects, but also the most ignored part of online marketing strategies.

Therefore, in this thread I will recommend top 9 landing page optimization mistakes that you should avoid in your online marketing campaign:

1/ No test results from your landing pages
If no test different versions of the landing page can not be sure it works properly. Using the A / B testing can get lots of useful data on the behavior and user needs and use this information to improve their pages and take appropriate marketing decisions.

2/ Do not optimize your landing pages
Redesigning the landing pages of the website considering the results that we follow, the A / B testing and user feedback is absolutely necessary in order to improve conversion rates.

Optimization landing page is a difficult and challenging task that requires information in an optimal way, to know their customers and understand their needs, to monitor the performance of the pages and invest time and effort this in improving their results and try new approaches.

3/ Misleading Texts
By using misleading not only to attract non-specific traffic and you lose resources, but also runs the risk of being banned by advertising networks because it is a clear violation of its terms yet.

4/ Have too much text
Too much text on the landing pages of your web site is not useful to visitors. Use visual graphics to convey hidden messages and do not forget that a picture is worth a thousand words.

5/ Too many links
Provide users with too many options is not recommended as it may confuse them and make them leave your website. This is especially true when the user accesses the page of Adwords or PPC advertising.

6/ Lack of trust
Another reason why you may have low conversion rates is because potential customers who visit your website does not trust you. To solve this problem first, make sure you have a website well designed, which is an indication that you are a serious company. Also be sure to include logos and reviews from satisfied customers or provide views of industry experts.

7/ Request information on underlying forms
In many cases, landing pages contain HTML forms where visitors must fill out your information in order to proceed (download, purchase, subscription, sales contact, etc). If possible remove the forms are not necessary as they are considered as barriers for many users. If necessary, try asking the user only the information that is absolutely necessary. Do not forget you can ask after this information, once the user confidence is gained.

8/ Calls the invisible action
The call to action is an easy way to interact directly with your visitors and encourage them to take immediate action (for example, buy, call, subscribe, register, download, etc) after visiting your website or see your page. The call to action should be distinctive, must be visible at the top of the page and should communicate a clear message to his readers.

9/ Do not track the results of your landing pages
In order to be able to optimize a landing page, you should be able to know how well it works. A big mistake many people make is that they do not control and track the results of your landing pages. Make sure you invest time and effort in reviewing traffic logs, following user behavior within your site web.

Just mention a few about common mistakes on optimizing a landing page.
In your point of views, what are main mistakes should to be avoided?
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