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Mar 12, 2014
Hi everyone,
Our company is about travel field and we are creating more websites in this field and besides we created more blogs for purposing to push rankings for the main sites. But be honest, our blogs were not still get good results as our goals
Do you have any tips on how to create a successful travel blog?
Your helps are appreciated!


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Mar 15, 2014
Hey Rwsorensen,

To have a successful travel blog, you need to have more things like sharing your expericen on trips, photos, tips for travelers on specific contries...etc and any marketing method to help your blog have more visitors.
A travel blog introduces readers to the people, the food, the weather, monuments and scenic beauty of the places you travel. The blog owner may identify a niche as travel locations within a small region of a country, or broaden the scope to include countries worldwide. Write a travel blog requires taking notes and observations, leaving photographic records and talking with local people while traveling. Here are some tips for writing a travel blog.

Here's simple tips to have a successful travel blog:

Tip 1 - Identify the range of your blog. Your goal may be to provide information to visitors of a particular island. Alternatively, you can focus on tourism activities for a given age group in a popular tourist spot. Determines the scope and target audience from the start and this will help to shape the identity and travel blog readers.

Tip 2 - Write only on the places you visit. Keep the authenticity of your blog writing only about the locations you have visited personally. The second hand information is difficult to verify, and could cast doubt on the credibility of your blog.
Provides accurate data. Protect the credibility of your travel blog by checking all the facts. Rate properly address each representative views as you travel to different places so you can provide accurate information to the readers. Provides the cities, people, restaurants and streets with good spelling. You can call the telephone numbers visit each site and links to web pages before publishing to verify accurately.

Tip 3 - Keep a diary of your trip. When traveling, write your impressions and anecdotes. After a memorable dining experience, for example, you can type the name of the restaurant, the dish you ordered, ingredients, details of decor and music. Annotate this level of detail will be useful later, especially when followers of your blog contact you for more information.

Tip 4 - Interview people on the go. Fellow travelers, locals, hotel staff and restaurant owners could have unique perspectives and useful details to share. Ask these people if you can record your voice to transcribe it later. Alternatively, you can take notes while you speak.

Tip 5 - Appeals to the senses when writing about the locations. The scent of exotic flowers, a beautiful view from the mountaintop, the soft feel of the towels in a 5 star hotel, and the sound of a waterfall are examples of descriptions that help people connect immediately with a place or experience.
* Take photos. To help readers to recreate the places visited with his own eyes, take pictures of all the places on which you want to write. Local cuisine, monuments, traditional costumes and tourist sites are some possible examples. Take lots of pictures, and publishes the most clear and vivid images.
* Capture videos. For example, if you're writing about a festival of folk dance, you can include a short video of the dancers next to the event description.

Tip 6 - Apply presentations of other travelers. To spread on your travel blog voices from other travelers invites freelance writers to publish in your blog about places you have not had a chance to visit. Presents writers in a few sentences before publishing his works.

Tip 7 - Responds comments from readers. Typically, blogs allow you to accept or reject the comments. Allow comments and answer your questions is an opportunity to build rapport with readers.

Hope it helps.


Dec 14, 2013
A travel blog needs to be updated content or article regularly, articles should share travel experience for travelers, attractive images,...keep in mind that you will need to share your posts on social networks, this step is very important because it will drive more traffic to your articles.

Using internal links between articles and links for important keywords on each article are best way to get good rankings on search engines and getting more organic traffic for your blog. Any other ideas mentioned on in post's steve :)


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Oct 1, 2013
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