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Jun 6, 2012
Plan work and follow the plan "- this is a rule that can help you succeed in many activities, including in the field of marketing. Chapter will explain the marketing plan with the weak relevant factors.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing plan outlines the campaign aims to meet a company's market strategy. At the departmental level or product level, this plan aims to deliver a product or service concept providing successful, to meet the needs of the target customers and meet the aspirations of revenue , market share of the company. The plan specified what the company will do when launching new products to market and support the products produced for a long time. The marketing plan also calculate the time for sales and advertising activities, pricing strategies and distribution efforts. This plan also refers to how the control plan and evaluate the results. The marketing plan should be secured so that competitors can not take advantage of their information.

Most of the marketing plan of the company or a type of product that will gather the following:

+ The abstract general operations of the company

+ Table of Contents

+ Summary of the current situation. Including all relevant data, including SWOT analysis (analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats).

+ Rating focus on market opportunities. Include a report on the target market segments, customer needs assessment, as well as the competitive challenges that the company and the product (or a specific product line) face.

+ The financial and marketing goals. The financial targets are usually presented in the form of a progressive increase sales and profits expected by the end of the planning period. Marketing objectives are stated on the product unit sales and market share.

+ Summary of the company's marketing strategy. Summary identifies the target market and show how the product or product line positioning, pricing and distribution. It also lists the specific activities to achieve goals. These activities may include the reorganization of the sales force, lower prices for customers, national advertising campaigns, direct mail programs, etc.

+ Monthly marketing budget.

+ Forecast sales and sales per unit of product monthly.

+ Plan monitoring and evaluation of ongoing action plan and at the end of the plan period.
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